Burton Contractors: Sponsor Of Every Man And His Dog

Burton Contractors: Sponsor Of Every Man And His Dog

Paul Burton 2nd from the Left handing out prizes to Champion Brad Gore at Every Man And His Dog 2015.

Who Paul Burton
Bio Owner of Burton Contractors (National Civil Engineering Company)
SUP Enthusiast
Every Man And His Dog Sponsor of the 6km Long Distance SUP Race 2015 & 2016
Link www.burtoncontractors.com.au


Bio Information
Burton Contractors is a 2nd generation family business now operating for 43 years.

What’s the secret to a long standing family business?
Each family member has a specific strength, which is acknowledged amongst the rest of the family and those family members stick to what they do best and leave the rest to whoever is more skilled to do it.

What’s the secret to the business running for so long?
It comes down to sticking to the core of the business and of course employing great people. Growth has been organic by not diverting from the core of the business since it’s initial start up. Growth happens by getting outside your comfort zone but you’ve also got to be full aware of your financial sturdiness which is where business owners often fall short.

What got you hooked onto SUPing?
By trying to get my kids active in a water sport, enjoying the outdoors and the harbor and get into fitness. As busy as the harbor can be at times there’s a solitude from paddling around…
Also going out with a great paddle group, you have something in common in paddling, having a good chinwag and not to mention sometimes the drink afterwards as well! Also I enjoy getting out there and learning more about the technique side of things is also really enjoyable.