Long Distance SUP

6km SUP Long Distance sponsored by WATSSUP 7:30 AM

Our Long Distance race is a 6km course designed to test endurance, athletic and technical ability; seeing a designated off-shore route from Watsons Bay with some challenging elements to test true paddle skills and a determined athlete! This is for advanced paddlers.

Course info

The Long Distance SUP course will extend as far as Lady Bay around a turning buoy and traverse along the coastline line of Lady Bay and Camp Cove, and continue across the bay towards a turning buoy located pass Bottle and Glass rocks, peering into the infamous Nielsen Park Beach where the course turns back towards the Bay of Watsons and along the foreshores of Vaucluse and Parsley Bays, continuing along to Kutti and Gibsons Beaches, lastly passing the Watsons Bay Baths and finishing on the Southern side of the Watsons Bay Wharf.

Boards must be 14ft. and under to compete in this race. See Course Maps.

Kids stand up paddle race

Kids SUP (8-13 yrs) 9:15 AM

The Kids SUP Race is approximately 500m for the U13’s. We provide shorter courses for our younger paddling enthusiasts, but don’t worry there are still great prizes to win!


Course info

The KIDS SUP RACE course is a Flat Water Course traversing on the northern side of Watsons Bay Wharf. The exact course will be confirmed on Race Day.

See Course Maps.

Boards must be 12’6”ft. and under to compete in this race.

technical sprint sup

2km SUP Technical Sprint sponsored by Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel 9:30 AM

This is a 2km course and includes 2 laps along the northern side of Watsons Bay foreshore, out around the boat moorings and back to the shoreline. This SUP race will test the agility and speed of its competitors!

Course info

Two laps of a flat water course traversing along the northern side of the Watsons Bay foreshore, towards Green Point, continue leftwards and turn left around a turning buoy around the outside of the boat moorings, then left turn back towards the shore towards the shoreline.

Boards must be 12’6”ft. and under to compete in this race.

See Course Maps.

man and dog stand up paddle racedog treasure hunt

Man & Dog SUP Events 10:00 AM

The iconic and legendary Man and Dog SUP events where you and your beloved pooch paddle together in a series of races! Plenty of prizes to win including prizes for your furry friend! Entries into the Man and Dog SUP events allows participants to enter the Man and Dog Sup race and the Man and Dog Treasure Hunt.

Boards must be 12’6”ft. and under to compete in these races.

Course info

Man and Dog SUP Race is a Flat Water Course traversing on northern side of Watsons Bay Wharf. Owner and dog must be on SUP board at all times during race. It is a 150m sprint to the finish line and Owner and Pooch much finish together on their SUP!

The Man and Dog Treasure Hunt is where the participants paddle out with their pooch and together they retrieve as much “treasure” (toys) in the water as they can – they must retrieve 1 toy/treasure item at a time before paddling out each time to retrieve one treasure at a time! Man & Dog Team with the most retrieved treasure wins!

See Course Maps.

man and dog dress competition

Man & Dog Best Dress Competition

Every year prizes get given to the duo that’s best dressed! So get creative with your pooch and come up with some fabulous outfits in order to win some awesome prizes this Australia Day!

Team Relay SUP Race sponsored by Sydney East Business Chamber 10:30am

Get your colleagues, friends and rivals to enter into the Team Relay Sup Race. Teams must be made up of 5 people and each team member will be required to circumnavigate the course and at the finish line run a short soft sand course along the beach and tag their next team member.

Feel free to dress up to promote your business or club and to stand out to your fellow teammates!
The team to complete the entire course will be declared the winning team reigning champions for the entire year!

Course info
See Course Map A.